Debut Solo EP 'Sweet Apathy'

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He uses a straightforward folk rock melody to draw us in but mournful harmonies to illustrate the bittersweetness of such an ephemeral moment, the precipice of a decision.
— Wide Open Country
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A voice that is equal parts gruff, sandpapered scratches, unfiltered and open just enough to let the story out and smooth, honeyed flavor that eases you in.
— RedLine Roots





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"Sweet Apathy, the latest release from Boston native Izzy Heltai, is one of the most aptly-named albums this year."

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"Izzy Heltai is an indie folk singer-songwriter with a penchant for storytelling."



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Izzy Heltai is a folk singer-songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. Izzy is an artist that concentrates on storytelling with emotional and sonic resonance; he accomplishes what’s at the heart of all successful storytelling—invoking the familiar, while capturing familiarity in a way that is unique, in a way that is specific to Izzy. His work teeters between loss and love, but celebrates how most often it’s both at once. This simultaneity crafts pieces that are at once heartbreaking and joyous. Izzy draws influence from voices such as Carole King, Paul Simon, and Dave Van Ronk, to contemporary artists, like Gregory Alan Isakov, Jason Isbell, and Brandi Carlile—these contexts inform Izzy’s perspective as a young folk musician on the rise. Izzy currently resides in The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. He tours continuously around the North-East, prominently as a solo performer, but occasionally with multiple configurations of backing bands, often appearing as part of a duo or a three piece.